Monday, February 21, 2011

Jose Reyes as a Viable Option for Leadoff

The 2010 Angels had a number of problems. Third base, the bullpen, and the lack of thunder in the middle of the line up all contributed to the Halos watching the playoffs from home in October. Arguably the biggest problem would have to be the leadoff position in the line up. The Angels' customary aggressiveness on the base paths faltered in 2010, mainly as a result of previous leadoff hitter Chone Figgins departing via free agency after the 2009 season. The Angels have been on the hunt for a leadoff hitter ever since, and it would appear that it is Erick Aybar's job to loose in 2011 just like in 2010. Another in house option is rookie Peter Bourjos, who is a perfect leadoff man as long as he starts to figure out the hitting side of his game to match his already stellar defensive ability.

Jose Reyes of the Mets is a free agent after this season. He is arguably one of the fastest players in the league. He has led the National League in stolen bases three times since his first season in 2003. He is a fantastic defender at short and could potentially be a great pick up for the Angels. The only problem that might arise with Reyes’ ability is his ongoing battle with every random injury you could think of. He only played 36 games in 2009 and 133 games in his return to the field last season. He also seems to have lost a step as he only swiped 30 bags last year, but this could be a result of coming back from injury.

Getting Reyes might take a big bundle of players that the Angels may not be willing to part with. The centerpiece of the deal may include Erik Aybar. Scioscia sees Aybar as part of the future, and according to the rumors that surrounded Roy Halladay last year; Aybar was the deal breaker at the eleventh hour between the two sides.

But Tony Reagins has a way with getting big returns in trades without giving up a massive haul as a result.

Because of the Met’s financial situation, extending Jose Reyes’ contract may be out of the question after the 2011 season, as he is sure to command a hefty contract. Therefore the Mets may be better off trading Reyes away for some package of players who have a couple years of team control left on their contracts. Reagins may be able to find a deal that involves utility men Alberto Callaspo or even Maicer Izturis. It would then just be a matter of restructuring the infield to accommodate two shortstops, but there is a gaping hole at third that could be filled by any of the young players that make up the Angel’s infield including Howie Kendrick or another combination that slides a player in the hot corner.

There are a number of deals that could be made to put Reyes in an Angel uniform. With his stellar defensive ability and his speed, Jose Reyes is an Angel-style player. Now all he needs is the uniform.


  1. The Mets were willing to deal Jose Reyes, but their new manager didn't want the GM to cut his knees out from under him before he even had a chance to walk. Barring an unforeseen run by New York, Reyes will be dealt at the trade deadline. Aybar plus a fringe pitcher would be enough, but I get the feeling that New York is looking for more prospect heavy transactions.

    They're going to lose some serious cash flow over the next couple seasons and are going to need expiring contracts just to stay afloat. So, they're going to be relying on young players coming through.

    I expect the Yanks, Red Sox, Twins, Reds, Cards, Giants and Angels to all be in the mix for his services. Once he hits FA though, the Angels, Red Sox, Cards and Twins will vacate the race for various reasons leaving the Giants, Reds and Yanks as his strongest suitors.

    I think we'll see Jose Reyes end up in San Francisco or in pinstripes.

  2. I agree that Reyes will have to be part of a trade. His services would be required by way too many teams at too high of a price to bring him to Anaheim as a free agent.

    But I think if the Angels were able to work out an extension as part of a trade I think the two sides could reach some sort of agreement.

    But if he hits the open market I agree that he will likely be a Yankee. With Jeter getting up there in age they will likely want to move him before the completion of his new deal.

  3. Yes, the Yankees have an unlimited supply of cash and Posada's contract will be up, so they'll be in the market for a DH or another player. I see them landing Reyes via FA, sticking him at SS and sliding Jeter to the OF or DH.

    Here's a question, if the Angels were to trade for Reyes at the deadline and an extension was done, what players would be involved? Trout being off the table, they'd need some top prospects, specifically one high ceiling hitter and a high ceiling pitcher as well as a replacement at SS. I think Aybar, Trumbo and Chatwood would be a minimum.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  4. That would probably be the most realistic package to get Reyes. Assuming the Angels go that far to get him. Reyes is a quality player, but I don't really know if the Angels value him enough to go so far as to give up Trumbo, a top tier Angels prospect. Especially since his value will go up to the Angels if the team cannot work out a deal with Morales and Scott Boras. So his services might be more necessary than Reyes'.

    Another possibility would be allowing a player like Bobby Wilson to establish a little bit of market value early on this season and the Mets may be willing to take a player at a position where they aren't too deep. That's just one possibility though.

    Thank you for the feedback as well!

  5. I think the Angels would be able to get him for less. I know thats a bit of a shocker but if the Tex or Haren deals are any indication, the Angels may be able to work around dealing Trumbo and Chatwood and may be able to get away with packaging Aybar, Bell and one other C+/B- prospect.

    And I only say that much because there will likely be competition. The Mets will be in some ways desperate to unload Reyes in return for some prospects instead of unproven draft picks.

    The Mets will definately need to trade Reyes with their financial situation and if there is no serious competition he could be easy pickings for the Angels.

  6. I'd like to think that, but if the Mets wouldn't trade him this offseason, they don't seem desperate. Regardless, there's a lot of money coming off their books with Reyes after 2011, Castillo after 2011, Beltran after 2011, Wright after 2012, Santana after 2013.

    With so much money coming off their books, they will be bankrolling some serious draft picks. So in order to pry Reyes from their grips, they'd need a couple good prospects to make it worth it.

    In fact, if I'm targeting any Mets player, it's David Wright.

  7. I think the Reyes situation will play out in relation to the lawsuit facing management. I'm assuming they won't want to add too much payroll, and getting rid of a guy for a few prospects and a major league ready player will probably get it done.

    David Wright is definitely my first pick off of the Mets' roster. But I really don't see the Angels pushing strongly for him because the Mets value him too much and the Angels might have to part with too much to acquire him. I think the cost is to great for the Angels' liking.

    That being said, Wright is an even better fit in Anaheim. In my opinion Wright is up there among the top five or six third basemen in the league.



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