Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Tempe Diablo Stadium

There is absolutely nothing like going to a baseball game. Angel Stadium is one of the best in all of baseball, with its gorgeous natural grass, cozy and welcoming environment, and 40,000 fans forming a screaming crowd of red. However, experiencing a game in Anaheim is a little bit different than experiencing one in sunny Tempe, Arizona, home of the Halos' Spring Training facility. Here are the top 5 reasons to find a way to Tempe Diablo Stadium:

#5: It makes for a great vacation. Tempe in itself is a beautiful city, and it isn't far from Phoenix, so you have to ability to go have fun when you're not at the stadium. Not to mention, for people in California, the drive isn't even as far as going to northern California, and road trips are always an exciting way to get away from everyday ruts. Not to mention, for diehard Angel fans, it is the perfect way to start the season early. Now, rather than seeing the Angels for 6 months, you have the ability to watch Angels Baseball for 7 months. You can't go wrong.

#4: Pricing is very affordable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with soaking in the sun on the lawn in the outfield, as long as you bring a blanket to lay down on. It will cost you a mere $6, and you might even catch a homerun from Torii Hunter, Kendry Morales or Vernon Wells. Or, if you wish, you can sit behind home plate for $29. No, it's not Angel Stadium by any means, and the games don't "count" for anything other than practice for players, but it is entertaining to watch the Angels play their brand of baseball no matter what.

#3: You can watch the future of the Angels up-close. Before the game begins, there is fan access to the fields next to the stadium, and you can watch from within 10 feet as players from Single A, Double A and Triple A show off their skills as Angels instructors teach them how to improve their game. It is an experience in itself to watch what the young and hopeful players have to go through in order to have a shot at The Show, and who knows? You might even see the #1 prospect in the nation, Mike Trout, in the group.

#2: You can shake hands and ask questions with the always polite and courteous Angels broadcaster, Jose Mota. In 2010, he walked around and answered questions, took many photos with fans, and shared his thoughts on the Angels. He may not be one of the superstar players, but he brings a superstar personality that will get you pumped up for the upcoming season.

#1: Autographs have never been easier to get. At Angel Stadium, it is a rarity for even a single player to come up close enough for you to get a signature. Now, you can come to them. Show up a couple hours early, and you give yourself a good chance to get an autograph from Jered Weaver, Dan Haren, Ervin Santana or any of your other favorite Angels pitchers. There are a few position players that also practice outside of the stadium, but the true stars are inside Tempe Diablo. Go into the stadium before the game begins, and walk down to the front row of seats, and you might end up with Torii Hunter's autograph.

Now, tell me, does it get much better than that? Needless to say, the only thing better is an Angels victory. And you might just see one of those, too.

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