Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vernon Wells: Making a Difference Off the Field

A new season is upon us and the Angels have a very different look in the outfield with veteran Vernon Wells taking over the reigns in left field. Wells was brought over to the Angels as part of a deal that sent catcher Mike Napoli and outfielder Juan Rivera to Toronto. Upon hearing of this deal, I was initially very excited to see what the all-star could bring to the team. It was not until I researched Mr. Wells a little more that I discovered that the Angels had not only brought a new baseball player to the team, but also a caring person. While Vernon's on field activities often get the media spotlight, it is his off field activities that make a true difference in people's lives.

In 2007, Vernon and his wife Charlene participated in a charity event in which they took underprivileged children shopping to provide them with necessities such as shoes and clothes. Inspired by what they had seen and who they had helped, Vernon and Charlene founded the non-profit, Christian faith-based organization titled the Perfect 10 Charity in 2009. The purpose of this amazing organization is to provide care and support for children and single mothers in need. This organization does not only provide financial assistance. It instead also helps to provide a caring and cheerful environment where those in need can develop the knowledge and motivation to excel and become strong and self-sustaining individuals.

Video from a Perfect 10 Charity auction.

Vernon Wells' Perfect 10 Charity has built, and is continuing to build homes designed to provide shelter and protection for expecting mothers, single mothers and children. These homes contain both everyday necessities as well as caring individuals and volunteers such as mentors and teachers, who are looking to help to make a difference in somebody's life. Mentors provide mothers and their children with an adviser and a friend while they also help to guide mothers through the stresses and challenges of motherhood. Teachers, meanwhile, provide the knowledge of parenthood as well as the knowledge necessary to succeed in society. By protecting and embracing these underprivileged individuals, the organization hopes to break the chain of homelessness and struggles that are often passed down from parent to child. In doing so they are helping to create a better and more developed society.

This amazing organization can use all the help it can get to help better the lives of children and mothers in need. By going to you can get more information on ways that you can help including volunteering and making donations. Not every child has the proper necessities needed to properly grow up, enjoy their childhood and become strong, intelligent adults. Not every mother has what they need to provide their child with such necessities or knowledge. Vernon Wells, in helping children and mothers, is more than just the player on the field. Behind every hot streak, cold streak, hit or out, stands someone looking to make a difference in the lives of many people. Mr. Vernon Wells, our hats go off to you.

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  1. An eye opening and well written article. Thanks for the information. I will definitely check this charity out and spread the word.



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