Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Ways to Improve the Angels' Fan Experience

The Angels are shaping up to be a very entertaining team to watch. Don't get me wrong, it takes a lot of effort to turn a 4-16 record into a 34-30 record, and by doing so, Angels fan can finally be happy with how the team is playing. Since Arte Moreno bought the team in 2003, the franchise has been known as one of the best as far as keeping their fan base happy. They lowered beer and parking prices, spent some money on talent, and gave away some great promotional items. And yet, there are still ways to make this team, and the stadium it plays in, that much more awesome.

#5- Get creative with the food choices. For the last 10 years or so, it seems that fans had about 5 options: Carl's Jr., Panda Express, "Ruby's" (even though it barely passed as a Ruby's diner), an Angel Hot Dog, or a California Pizza Kitchen pizza. This year, they seemed to take a step in the right direction by eliminating Ruby's and adding a Kronik Tacos. However, immediately following this change, they switched from Carl's Jr. over to Jack in the Box. Really? Jack in the Box? Of all the fast food places that get slammed by the public, JITB has to come in second only to McDonald's. Not only that, but they have yet to take advantage of a perfect opportunity. In honor of Angels' slugger Mark Trumbo, the team should offer "Trumbo Jacks" and "Oppo Tacos". I'd definitely order a hamburger every single game, just so I could walk up and ask for a "Trumbo Jack". Even if it is $10.00, which is likely the cost of a boring old Jumbo Jack at the moment. Let's get more creative, Angel Stadium.

#4- Move the Big A into view in center field. Have you ever watched a team other than the Angels  on TV and looked into the outfield of the park in particular? Most of the time, the scenery beyond the outfield fence can only be described as epic. Petco Park in San Diego has an awesome old Steel Mill built into the stadium. AT&T Park in San Francisco has a massive Coca-Cola bottle and a glove, and the ocean in the background. Camden Yards in Baltimore makes you feel like the game is literally taking place in the middle of the city. Angel Stadium...well, there's a Coors Light billboard...and is that....yeah, that's Honda Center in the background. The Big A, which is the signature highlight of the ballpark, is tucked away far into the parking lot, unseen from the stadium. TAKE NOTE ANGEL STADIUM: If the Big A was moved into dead central view in the parking lot, within view of everyone in the ballpark and on TV, the stadium would truly look amazing. As of now, it's just a little blank in the background.

#3- Don't give away anything to remind fans of rival teams. It was completely shocking that the team gave away Angels Cowboy hats to everyone in the stadium, especially on a night when the rival Texas Rangers were in town. What exactly were they going for? Were they trying to shove it in the face of the Rangers, by saying "See, our fans like cowboy hats too! Take that, Texans!" Was it supposed to be a form of mockery? In any case, it was bizarre, and it's the equivlant of Rangers Ballpark giving away free surfboards and sun tan lotion to everyone in attendance, and telling the fans to stop paying attention to the game and instead text for 4 hours while using the word "man" and "bro". Would it insult us Angel fans? You bet. And did we like the cowboy hats? Maybe. But it was just a little weird.

#2- Move the seats so that they face home plate. Have you ever sat along the third base line, down near the field, toward the foul pole? Let me tell you, you can get a great view of...well, left field. The seat is literally pointed toward the left fielder, so you have to turn your body the entire game in order to see all the action, which is taking place on the infield about 90% of the time. I think in the offseason it's time to tear the seats out and build some new ones that face homeplate, just so the fans can simply relax and enjoy each pitch without thinking "Wow, my neck is starting to hurt. Guess I'll just watch Mike Trout stand motionless for a minute."

#1- Get rid of Mark Gubicza and Victor Rojas. Okay, Victor can stay. But Gubi has to go, and I mean now. Each and every game is the same thing. He can't say his L's right, so all you hear is "qua-witty" and "abi-witty" (translation: quality and ability). Not only that, but he offers very little to the excitement of the game. When an Angel gets a base hit, every time he has to explain that "He had quiet hands! Look for the fastball, go the other way! Absolutely perfect approach!" When batters hit the ball far, he says "That went far!", when they steal a bag he says, "Wow he's fast!" And don't even get me started on his Keys to the Game, in which he has to feature some one hit wonder from an '80's rock band that no one has heard in literally 30 years. It's time to find somone new, and preferably someone who knows how to speak correctly and adds more to games than simply stating the obvious.

With all those things established, I think it is clear what the Angels need to do in order to make the Angel fan experience the real #1 experience in the game. It takes more than winning, although that does play a significant factor. It also takes effort into making the stadium as comfortable as possible, with a wide variety of food, and please, when we can't be there, make sure the announcers make the games worth watching. Make it happen, Angels.


  1. I LITERALLY wanted to punch kittens, babies, and other cute as shit stuff the other week when Gubi was talking about Creed over and over again for his Keys of the game. Also, definitely agree with #2.

  2. These seem like pretty lazy criticisms to be honest.

    - Who pays for all the stadium changes...Arte or the city of Anaheim?

    - That Cowboy hat game sure looked sold out and the Dierks Bentley concert last year sure seemed to have a lot of happy fans experiencing it. Tons of country fans in SoCal.

    - Having branded restaurants generates sponsorship $$ which helps pay for Albert Pujols so you don't have to.

    Give me 20 McDonalds if it means the team spends more because at the end of the day the fan experience has everything to do with WINNING

  3. agree with getting rid of Gubi, food choices and, Big A move. YOu should add get rid of that obnoxious "Buttercup" song--- Also sign my petition to get rid of it on halos Heaven



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